Our product and manufacturer sourcing services

Product Sourcing Poland

Product or factory sourcing

We help you find the product, manufacturer, co-packing or fulfillment center according to your requirements and quality standards
Supplier Sourcing Poland


We help you get competitive prices and negotiate with the selected supplier
Production in Poland

Order placement

We help you clearly communicate the requirements, request a prototype and after you check the quality, place a complete order

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We provide end-to-end product and manufacturing sourcing services for small and medium-sized businesses from Europe and the United States. Our main values include:

Transpartent Sourcing Agent in Poland
Responsiveness and transparency
Sourcing in Poland with Warranty
100% effort to find the best manufacturer
Communication in Polish and English
Communication in Polish and English
Product sourcing Poland

Why manufacturing Poland?

Our process

First contact

3-5 business days

- Share your requirements and include all criteria that are important for you

- Get the list of preselected companies that match your needs

- Receive approximate quotes for your product


5-15 business days

- Select several companies you want to start the discussion with

- We will help you discuss and agree on the order and payment terms

- Place the complete order and receive product within specified time


* we can also visit the production to check quality and conditions

Ongoing support

No time limits

- After you find the right manufacturer we can support your during your next orders

- As the next step we can help you with finding fulfillment, storage, packing or transportation services to support your business

- Once you decide to visit the manufacturer, we can arrange a business trip for you and assist during meetings

Reviews from our Clients

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What makes us different from other product and factory sourcing companies?

We are fully transparent and you will be able to connect directly with the manufacturer or supplier without any middleman. During our sourcing work, you will receive a list of factories/suppliers/warehouses/logistics/co-packing companies that match your requirements and the decision is on you. We can only advise who is in our opinion could be the best choice for your business need.

We do not work on commission. We offer a fixed rate which is indicated at the very beginning of cooperation. There are no hidden charges. You know exactly what are you paing for.